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OUR Ecovillage **Past Enviro Runner-up**

During one week, we’ve been living intensely in an environmental community, called OUR Ecovillage. On their beautiful land near Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada), they try to live as sustainable as possible, and[…]

Camphill Foundation: Celebrating 50 Years **Past Triumph Runner-up**

Camphill Foundation celebrating 50 years of growing Camphill communities worldwide.  The Camphill movement is an initiative for social change dedicated to creating intentional communities where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment, and a commitment[…]

Age of Hope

Age of Hope is a short doc film about my trip with «Age of Hope» (NGO) to the Hungarian city of Zakany in October 2015. «I’m on my way to Croatia with a German terrorist[…]

Cooking with Kindness: Food as a Tool of Empowerment

In the documentary profile, C.O.O. of D.C. Central Kitchen, Andy Finke, highlights the non-profit organization and the inspiring role he has played in it. He describes how his passion for the foodservice industry developed into[…]

A Bowl of Spicy Rice Soup

Shuigangkou is an old street in Haikou City, maintains this city’s memories and tastes, where Wu’s restaurant is located in. He prepares for making spicy rice soups from dawn, with the procedure of washing materials,[…]

Tacos al Pastor: Raul Morales and the American Dream

Dreams Come True is a short documentary film about Raul Morales, an immigrant from Michoacan, Mexico, who as a child always had dreams and came to the United States to realize those dreams. With many[…]

Bagels in the Blood

Nestled between shops in a residential neighborhood in French Montreal lies a quiet brownstone building—an old converted house with a wood fired oven in the back.  Irwin Shlafman, third-generation owner of famous bagel shop Fairmount[…]