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Vivek: The Antifragile Innovator **Past Passion Runner-up**

This is the story of Vivek Chaturvedi, an “antifragile” innovator existing in modern times. Antifragile was coined by author Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder.  Aadivaahan is Vivek’s creation[…]

Immigration from India to the US: A Long Journey Home

In A Long Journey Home, Filmmaker Adam Wadhwani chronicles the story of his family’s immigration from India to the United States.  Kishin and Kate Wadhwani grew up in India in the 1930s and 1940s. Married[…]

Clean Paonta Green Paonta

‘Clean Paonta green Paonta’ is an initiative to keep this small industrial town pollution free. Started by a senior citizen Mr. Rajendra Tewari, the idea was to inject this thought in young minds. The uniqueness[…]

Shah-Rukh: The Happiest Man in the World

We always come across mentally challenged people living on the street, eating from garbage.  But this is the short story of ‘Shah-Rukh’, a helping hand and entertainer.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Omkar Patil A student[…]

Green Soil

Pune generates 1700 tons of waste every day. But a family at the heart of this city chose to be different. Green Soil is an inspiring story of how the little family consumes waste around[…]


This short documentary is based on the life struggles and tragedies in the life of a taxi driver from Andheri, Mumbai. The documentary explores the life of the taxi driver, Mr. Vijay Thakur and also[…]

The Potter: Shaping Lives

A true story that shows how individual will can begin transformation for good. ‘The Potter’ is the story of a young man who suddenly becomes aware of the reality of the society he lives in[…]

The Blind Side

A man who spent his life amongst most heroes of this industry.  Who slept in and out of the glamorous film world.  The crowd recognizes him but barely acknowledges.  He waits for the grass to[…]