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This short documentary is based on the life struggles and tragedies in the life of a taxi driver from Andheri, Mumbai. The documentary explores the life of the taxi driver, Mr. Vijay Thakur and also explains why people call him from all over the world just to thank him. There are a lot of subtexts in the film that the director has tried to integrate through the use of juxtaposition of visuals and the dialogues.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Ritik Singh

I am an aspiring filmmaker from Mumbai. I was a divergent till high-school as i didn’t know what I was meant to do in life. I had experience in a lot of things but they could not be used to make myself a career but since childhood I had been a film geek unknowingly. In my last of high school I was asked by a friend of mine to attempt to make short documentary on child beggars. Though I had zero experience in it but I still attempted. Obviously, the film turned out to bad but what I learn about myself was that this is something I really enjoyed doing and then I finally got my family and myself convinced that films is what I want to do my whole. I will never be bored of this as each time it is a new story with new challenges and adventures.

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