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Being Eco-Conscious with Bhoomi College **Past Enviro Winner**

Bhoomi College is a space for learning for those who are keen to work in the areas of alternative education or sustainable living. It is committed to a holistic approach to learning and living. Its curricula is based on integration of ecological consciousness with holistic science, the humanities, arts and crafts, through theory and practice. The learning processes at Bhoomi also stay sensitive to one’s ‘inner ecology’ and the link with the eco-spiritual and psychological issues.

Location: Chikkanayakanahalli, Bangalore – 35, Karnataka, India
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About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Abhishek Maji

Abhishek Maji is a self taught visual storyteller based in Bangalore, India. His work includes: fiction, music videos, commercials, documentaries, travel and corporate films.  An award winning filmmaker and photographer who specializes in scripting, ideating, production, filming, editing and post production.  He has developed a passion for narrative storytelling through films and stills and often experiments with creative ideas.  He knows his ways to capture a beautiful frame and makes sure to present an engaging story that sets his films a cut above the rest. He’s available to work anywhere in India and abroad.

Filmed & Edited by: Abhishek Maji
Production House: Imagion Films
Filmmaker’s Website:


  1. Already inspired , this film brings together what is the essence of this space, called Bhoomi College.

  2. Very nicely done…. and the film maker…….I don’t have to say much……his works speaks for it…….. one of my senior….. whose foot steps I am following…….

  3. such a nice short film. excellent piece of work … depicting exactly what the Bhoomi college stands for. so colorful and full of life. great work Mr. Maji.

  4. Really a great work by Abhishek which is undoubtedly a selfless tribute to Our Mother Earth.
    Keep it Up.

  5. After watching the film I have made up my mind to do a course in this college to learn how being being eco-conscious will help me to be healthy and happy.

  6. At the time when nature’s priceless treasure and values housed therein is thickly eclipsed by the naïve hand of development,such Short film is actually the need of time.very beautifully it put forth the essence of living the nature.