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Duke Trujillo and His Fight Against Poverty

THIS is a story of one man making a HUGE difference on the streets of Lake Charles. Poverty is an issue. It affects one too many people not only in Southwest Louisiana, but throughout our[…]

Cooking with Kindness: Food as a Tool of Empowerment

In the documentary profile, C.O.O. of D.C. Central Kitchen, Andy Finke, highlights the non-profit organization and the inspiring role he has played in it. He describes how his passion for the foodservice industry developed into[…]

Shah-Rukh: The Happiest Man in the World

We always come across mentally challenged people living on the street, eating from garbage.  But this is the short story of ‘Shah-Rukh’, a helping hand and entertainer.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Omkar Patil A student[…]

WIC: Women, Infants, Children

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children and is a supplemental nutrition program. There are 16 WIC grocery centers in Chicago that provide nutritious food for women, infants, and children in need. Access to healthy[…]

Homeward Bound

The Jesuit Constitutions instruct all Jesuit novices to do a month-long pilgrimage “without money… begging from door to door… to grow accustomed to discomfort in food and lodging.” Every Jesuit Scholastic, before taking their final[…]

Recovery Food NetWork

This short film is about the mission of Loyola University Chicago’s Food Recovery Network. They aim to recover food from campus wide events and donate the meals to local charity, A Just Harvest. In the[…]

Ryan Siberry- Founder of 416 and Company

After a devastating house fire left Ryan out on the streets, he overcame drug addiction and homelessness by starting up his own company in Toronto Ontario called 416 and Company. His company now makes amazing[…]

One Magazine at a Time

Steven Riggs has always lived in poverty, and when he ended up in prison, he lost everything. Now Steven sells magazines for Streetwise, a nonprofit dedicated to helping impoverished people earn their own money.  […]

The Exchange

Jeff Harmes, an aspiring landscape artist, uses being homeless to his best advantage. Despite his current living circumstance, he upgrades the streets of L.A with his inspiring masterpieces. There are several untrue stereotypes about the[…]

Where is the Love?

This is a personal encounter I experienced a year ago while waiting for my brother to retrieve delicious hot cocoa from the local 7-11. The actors used in this recreational video, are all friends who[…]