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God’s Grace

Grace came from a world of neglect and abuse. While searching for love and acceptance she fell into the world of prostitution during her late teens. She spent over a decade in the world of[…]

A Light in the Dark: Mikayla’s Story

What if in the blink of an eye, everything about your life changed? Mikayla shares her story of how her world was turned upside down one night when she was 16 years old. Her car[…]

He Directs My Path

This is a condensed version of a currently unfinished Documentary short film, titled “He Directs My Path “ It follows the life and ministry of missionary Peter Morris, who has been working in Kenya East[…]

Faith 4-Change

This True Rap story is about an inspired fifth-grade student W-FLY, who has been changed by his faith. And his mentor Bishop Freeze, who constantly motivates him to have faith in God and to trust[…]

A Stitch of Purpose

My time as an athlete was character-building and quite honestly some of the best years of my life. I fortunately never got severely injured and learned a great deal from magnificent coaches and encouraging teammates.[…]