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He Directs My Path

This is a condensed version of a currently unfinished Documentary short film, titled “He Directs My Path “ It follows the life and ministry of missionary Peter Morris, who has been working in Kenya East Africa for over 22 years. Prior to working as a missionary, Peter would have never thought that this was where life would take him, but God has knit his heart with the people of Kenya and he is truly passionate about the work that his ministry is doing. After overcoming many difficult obstacles in life and turning his back on a successful career and high paying job, there is no place that Peter would rather be than exactly where God wants him.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Jared Russ

Jared Russ is a young aspiring filmmaker who lives in the United States. This is his first documentary project and he hopes to inspire others by telling the stories of unique individuals who are difference makers in the world today.