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OUR Ecovillage **Past Enviro Runner-up**

During one week, we’ve been living intensely in an environmental community, called OUR Ecovillage. On their beautiful land near Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada), they try to live as sustainable as possible, and[…]

Camphill Foundation: Celebrating 50 Years **Past Triumph Runner-up**

Camphill Foundation celebrating 50 years of growing Camphill communities worldwide.  The Camphill movement is an initiative for social change dedicated to creating intentional communities where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment, and a commitment[…]

Alfredo Arreguin

A prominent Latino painters in the Pacific Northwest, Alfredo Arreguin, talks about how he ties his heritage in his artwork and the importance of altruism. Ever since he has established himself as an artist he[…]

90% Luck and a Lot of Work

This is about the life of Mihai Grunfeld. He was born in Romania in 1949. Trying to escape from communism and dreaming of a better life, he first escaped to Czechoslovakia at the age of[…]

Enquiring Minds

This film delves into topics discussed throughout the sensory Australian Aboriginal event; Enquiring Minds. Carroll Karpany – Ngarrindjeri Rupelli, introduces the the art of traditional dance and culture and guides the audience and fellow panel[…]

They Call Me Coach

They call her coach! Coach McCrosky is an amazing person who has a mission of coaching high school Track & Field. From an athletes perspective, I can tell you that this coach is one of[…]