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Muhammad Ali: The Olive Branch and the Dagger

A short film inspired by a Facebook post from my friend after the death of Muhammad Ali. Her words were so inspirational, the idea came naturally to me. I knew her words, and the story of the role Ali played in her own life, needed to not just be read but seen and heard as well. These are her words come to life.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Jorge Arana

At an early age, Jorge Arana developed an interest in filmmaking which was forever burned into his creative DNA and made him always wonder “How do they do it!?”

That ignited his interest in production and made him work his way up the ladder. Starting in Mexico, then in the USA. He has been a long time broadcast producer with over 15 years of experience in broadcast live TV, advertising, and content creation. His creative mind and love of cinematography naturally lead him to direct many pieces including: ‘It All Starts Here’, ‘Muhammad Ali: The Olive Branch and the Dagger’ and ‘Three of A Kind’.

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  1. ***(One Of My Life’s “Greatest” Heroes)*** At the age of eleven, I discovered and fell head over heals for “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali. Muhammad, by shining, honest, honorable example, taught me things about life that were far outside the parameters of the squared circle. Muhammad Ali was a man of tremendous stature by every imaginable, measurable measure. The longer I knew and followed him, the more I loved, respected and revered him. Perhaps his greatest life lesson, and there were many, was his insistence that we (every single one of us) are one. He was the beautiful embodiment of inclusivity. Guess what Donald Trump and your followers, he was also a devout, practicing Muslim with the absolute largest, most-loving, most-giving heart the world has ever known. Yes, millions of Christians (especially the so-called evangelicals) could learn much from the life he lead and the example he lived. Rest in peace our leather-gloved prince. No-one will ever top you. As your friend Howard Cosell told you on your 50th, “You are the man you always said you were. You truly are “The Greatest”. That our beloved friend and hero will never change. With Love & Reverence, Austin G. Wiser ~oO( <3 )Oo~ Ps. Shared proudly to my Facebook page with the above heartfelt, tearful passage.