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Tales of Forgotten Crafts

These are the stories of some of the last great hand craft masters still living and working in the UK.  Using traditional techniques that date back hundreds of years, these skills are a dying breed.  However the passion for continuing these crafts is still alive in these people and can be passed on.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Duncan Parker

Duncan Parker is a freelance filmmaker trying to make films that can make a difference and spark imagination and showcase human passions.  He mainly makes wildlife films but have been recently trying to tap into more human stories.

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  1. I’ve devoted my entire professional life to designing and making exemplary forged ironwork and to reaching my love and skills with others. Nice to see this fine video !

  2. Being a blacksmith of over 40 yrs. stories as these inspire me to keep sharing with others an encourage others to explore an perfect the God givien skills and crafts He has intrusted to us.