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Pedro Cano – Travel Notebooks

Travel Notebooks is the short with the essence of the two documentaries about Pedro Cano in which two meetings with students of Art for the exchange of ideas on the subject of working process of the Murcian artist in his ‘Travel Notebooks’ are recorded. In this shortfilm [we feels like a trailer of the documentaries] we see the philosophy and key thought of Pedro Cano, from his own words, deeply committed to his art.

The documentaries are produced in the “Del Natural” Innovation Project that directs and coordinates Carmen Castillo and produces TvUM in collaboration with the Innovation Unit of the University of Murcia.

Pedro Cano was born in Blanca and began painting at age eleven. His father was a fisherman in a little town of Murcia after Spanish Civil War. His father died when he was so young and his two brothers and his mother helped him to follow his dream: study art.

At nineteen he moved to Madrid and later entered the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando, where his teachers Antonio Lopez Garcia and Juan Barjola, among others. In 1969 he won a scholarship as opposed to reside in Rome at the Academy of Spain for three years, after which he moved to Anguillara, a small town on the outskirts of Rome, where he remains habitually living when it is in Italy.

He has exhibited in numerous public and private spaces in Europe and America and has work in the Vatican Museum, in the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence and the Meadows Museum in Dallas. During the 80s he lived for five years in New York, although it has never ceased to return often to his people in the province of Murcia. Pedro Cano have written personalities like Alfonso Perez Sanchez, Maurizio Calvesi, Predrag Matvejevich, Juan Manuel Bonet and Lorenza Trucchi.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Alfonso Burgos Risco

Alfonso Burgos Risco was born in 1984 in Toledo, Spain .

He studied illustration and graphic design before forming in Fine Arts at the University of Murcia, where he won a scholarship thanks to which , he spent a semester at the School of Film and Television of Cordoba in UNC (Argentina).

After his award-winning first feature documentary ‘The Memory of the Hands’, Alfonso Burgos directs his second project consists of two documentaries about Pedro Cano and Travel Notebooks. He is directing a independent documentary films in a public university in Spain. The University of Murcia’s film are made with own resources.

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  1. I love the passion of maestro Cano, transmitting with simplicity the deceitful process of artistic creation