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A day in the life of Nigerian expat Emmanuel, who breaks his isolation through dancing.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Mahmoud Samir

I fell in love in movies since I was a child. It was a great escape during the period my father got ill and after he passed away.

I studied in the Faculty of Commerce and worked in a call center after graduation for four years.

My love for movies grew more and more, until I saw the movie Gravity by Alfonso Cuaron and that’s when I realized I have to pursue my dream of being a filmmaker.

I took a cinematography course tutored by DP Ahmed Hussein, and took a film editing course tutored by film editor Doaa Fathy.

During that time I cut my teeth on simple unwatchable short films and learned my craft through it.

After that, I applied to the High Cinema Institute in the Film Directing program and was accepted. I just finished my second year and Emmanuel was my graduation project for this year.

I worked for a year as film critic in Tagreer Online Newspaper, then worked as 1st AD on a commercial, and currently my day job is working as a roto artist in Squids Visual Lab.


  1. So simple yet truly inspiring. A man who could connect with people through his living his passion and sharing it.