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Be Good for Something: From Edgar Cayce to Cafe Awareness

Inspired by the information found in the Edgar Cayce readings, Adrian E. Castillo and Kevin V. Reyes began realizing there’s much more to life than merely surviving and being good, but that we all have the potential to “be good for something!”  With that understanding came the foundation for the Café Awareness project, a joint venture of Adrian and Kevin seeking to cultivate their creativity in an effort to help others any way they can in these turbulent times.  Through promoting music, health awareness, and the spoken word, Café Awareness aspires to “Connect People On All Levels,” be it physically, mentally, and/or spiritually.

Adrian is an environmental scientist, Licensed Massage Therapist / Manual Osteopath, and musician.  Kevin V. Reyes is also an environmental scientist and a U.S. Navy Veteran of over 10 years. Together they hope to promote the idea that all things are connected or One and that we are all co-creators in this world.


  1. I love that Adrian and Kevin are following their passions and being channels of love for all.
    What greater gift is there than to enhance other people’s lives through love and music? The inspiration from the Cayce readings is so fabulous here too. These readings are timeless pieces of information on all subjects to help people reach their potential, heal themselves and those around them.

    This is brilliant and applaud their originality and creativity…
    I want to hear more!

  2. A beautiful and powerful message of the innate Divinity in us all–and how we can become the unique artists, and divine channels, here and now…Adrian has taken Edgar Cayce’s concept of the “holistic” and made it understandable and practical in the most beautiful and creative manner. More, the most exciting thing is that he takes into consideration the WHOLE person–body, mind, spirit–and his vision is that the body, or physical being, can be brought into a state of perfect alignment with the mind and Spirit. When all three facets of us are in alignment–body, mind, spirit–and the DESIRE to be a channel of hope, to be a light to others, we tap into and have access to what like the call unlimited “reservoir of God. When such an alignment is made, the body naturally becomes a “divine conduit” of sorts of unlimited creativity. Edgar Cayce once said that “music is the bridge between the ridiculous and the sublime.” We have countless examples of composers, musicians, artists throughout history who, without former training, composed and created masterpieces in music that will live on forever. Adrian’s work suggests that each and every soul incarnate on the earth has the innate potential to be a “Divine co-creator”, to bring into material manifestation creations that will inspire and uplift humanity to new heights of Divine expression…we are creative creatures by nature and Adrian, multi-talented as a music composer, musician, and with his deep understanding of the physical body (from this years’-long study of osteopathy) is the perfect guide for those of us seeking to be “a light to the world.” And his passion for the readings of Edgar Cayce combined with all of this…wow… I am very excited to see what will be coming from this great artist, Adrian. [Robert J. Grant is an author of five books based on the Cayce readings, including “Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels & the Unseen Forces”; “The Magdalene Diaries,”; “The Place We Call Home”, and “Love and Roses from David.” He was a member of the team tasked to computerize and preserve all 14,306 psychic readings given by Edgar Cayce (1986-1991).

  3. Way to go Adrian!
    As an actor and writer who for many years now has incorporated the Cayce philosophy and material into my work, I can assure you that, even though the financial rewards may not be great, the creative and spiritual ones and the awareness of meaningfully enriching others’ lives are more than words can express. Mark Finnan