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Looking After Our Greatest Blessing **Finalist**

As toxic spills and heavy metals contaminate groundwater beneath the Pilliga forest from coal seam gas mining, Anne Kennedy – President of the Great Artesian Basin Protection Group is determined to save the precious finite water for communities throughout New South Wales’ unique agriculture belt, before it’s too late.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Mark Pearce 

Mark Pearce is an Australian filmmaker. His environmental shorts have won international awards in Europe, the United States, and Australia, and some of his films have gone viral amassing millions of views and securing signatures for thousands of submissions and petitions to protect the places and wildlife we love. Mark is also a sincere animal rights action campaigner, photographer and journalist.

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  1. It is important that their is an educational film
    I know the war on waste has had a huge impact on the common family
    I’m wondering if there is more to the film
    If not I feel it needs to show more of the cause and effect of the process of fracking
    The leaks the waste product
    Health effects
    But great its out there thanks