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Have a Good Day: The Wave **Finalist**

“Have a good day.” So says a man named Brother Lewis in the Forest Park South East area of St. Louis who is making a uniquely huge impact. I first encountered him on my way to work one day and soon noticed that he was there standing on the corner of Tower Grove and Vista everyday waving at people as they passed by. His persistence, and the sheer joyfulness he expressed on a daily basis as I drove by everyday intrigued me. Living in the city of St. Louis people know most people aren’t that friendly so it was a amazing to see someone not afraid to show love to anyone who passes by. In some strange way it seemed to brighten my outlook on my day as I traveled to work.

The Power of Have a Good Day and a Wave

So I decided to meet him one day, get to know him and tell his story in The Wave. I hope you enjoy and are inspired! Sometimes we don’t know the power of a friendly face, a smile, and a wave.  Let’s explore it. The power of Brother Lewis’s optimism in simple kindness towards others is infectious.  Since the premiere of the video Brother Lewis was blessed by a local dentist with free oral surgery. The dentist saw his bright outlook on life and decided to give him a even brighter smile to match.

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About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Christopher Hill

Christopher Hill is a budding new filmmaker from St. Louis, Mo. He has to date made one short titled The Wave which garnered media attention and he looks forward to exploring, growing, and sharing his gift with the world. He has a gift for telling stories from a unique perspective which is why he named his company The Storytellers.

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  1. Brother Lewis has been an incredible light to our city. Glad to see this video share his story, and inspire the rest of us to find ways to love each other in the simple ways.

  2. I was inspired because something as small as a smile and wave can and will brighten a persons day. Kindness is an awesome way to make a change in this mean old world. What a joy to share in his gift of kindness!

  3. It brought so much joy to my heart to watch this. Imagine all the joy Brother Lewis is bringing to St. Louis!

  4. Amazing to see how such a small act can have such big impact. Thank you for sharing Brother Lewis’ story and I look forward to more highlights of the wonderful people of St. Louis!

  5. I think we’ve lost the art of compassion in our daily routine. Brother Lewis exemplifies the kind-hearted touch that has the power to completely change someone’s trajectory – and that can create a domino effect. I was moved by this video and am moved by Brother Lewis.

  6. This is a great short film and so true. People don’t think about the power of a simple wave and how it can brighten someone’s day. This short film will cause you to think about being intentional to wave, smile, or speak. Excellent idea to capture the gentleman and his thoughts about a simple wave!!!