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Beautiful Sunshine

We follow Melbourne based musician Allara, a young Yorta Yorta woman, on her journey to reconnect with her family and culture. Along her journey, Allara learns of her family’s ongoing fight for recognition as the Traditional Owners of southern New South Wales and northern Victoria. This is a story to inspire all, but in particular, to encourage and exhilarate younger generation Indigenous Australians to maintain and re-connect with their families and Country, encouraging a traditional flow of language, culture and history while sharing a strength to heal from the intergenerational trauma many Indigenous people feel, caused through colonisation. The documentary, Beautiful Sunshine, is appropriately titled after the direct translation of Allara’s Aboriginal name.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Stacey Chilcott

Green Collar Productions is Directed by Stacey Chilcott, whose initial studies in aquatic science led her to Mexico’s Riviera Maya, part of the Yucatan Peninsula – the largest subterranean river system in the world. The threats to the river system from rampant development inspired Stacey to produce her own documentary as a way of inspiring the international community to protect our vital ecosystems. Stacey has since assisted as an Initial Researcher for the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent, pursued postgraduate studies in Sustainable Development, and continues to promote environmentally sustainable technologies, practices and initiatives through film.

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  1. Knowing both these people very well, I am inspired in many ways. This will be a brave and honest documentary, and the sincerity of both of these women is nothing short of moving. Allara’s journey is truly important, and something we all need to hear

  2. Love this! Ain’t seen nothing like this in the media, need to see more representative of strong empowered women like Allara. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope it gets shared more widely. STRAYA-WIDE!