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Ovindoli Freestyle **Finalist**

Two Italian snowboarders and a skier in the middle of Italian country (Abruzzo), show us how the passion for freestyle and free ride can become the connection between two different disciplines. Crucial for them is[…]

90% Luck and a Lot of Work

This is about the life of Mihai Grunfeld. He was born in Romania in 1949. Trying to escape from communism and dreaming of a better life, he first escaped to Czechoslovakia at the age of[…]


This story highlights Megan Hassa, a young woman who felt trapped in her life. With little to her name and no future plans she flew to paradise with hope for a change — which is[…]

Dream: Dhurba’s Sapana Village – Chitwan, Nepal

For many of us, dreams are about “getting” something; they’re selfish….For Dhurba, dreaming means giving. “My parents are farmers. I never finished school.” He came from a poor village in the jungles of Nepal and[…]

Fly in the Field

Everyone has dream but some may abandon their dreams and lost themselves on the way of pursuing, due to stubborn or distraction. Flying in the field is the man’s dream when he was little, and[…]

A Voyageur’s Paradise

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a wilderness located in the northern third of the Superior National Forest in Northeast Minnesota. If was created by ancient glaciers that carved the land creating cliffs, canyons,[…]

Allowed to Exhale

Story Description If you sit on a train for ten minutes and watch the people come and go, you’ll notice we are in a rush and have a deadline. This documentary of Kat’s summer study[…]


Bittersweet is a short film about local surfer, Daniel Satchell surfing one of the UK’s most popular seaside tourist destinations – Brighton. Although Brighton is hardly the epicentre of UK surfing, it still surprisingly holds[…]

The Midlife Mountaineer

The Midlife Mountaineer is the story of Paul. At 46, he was a new comer to climbing and was guided by his friend to tackle the famous Mont Blanc in 2012, after only 6 months[…]

Clio & Claudia

When Clio and Claudia started the project, Horta de Belloch was a derelict farmhouse in the Catalonian countryside. After months of hard work implementing the principals of permaculture, Clio and Claudia transformed the abandoned land[…]