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Reaching the Podium: The Champions of ABBR

I am an independent film maker.  I gather friends and we make films, not for money, but because we love making films.  My “sound guy” works at ABBR, a rehabilitation hospital in Rio de Janeiro,[…]

The Taekwondo Master

Darrel Sparke is an amputee who has pursued a life doing taekwondo. He’s the founder of AmputeeX, and is involved with many other organizations designed to help those with varying abilities. About the Filmmaker Submitted[…]

The Fog Runner

What is it like to run a race without seeing the finish, much like in a fog?  A fog that you can’t escape, a fog with which you were born.  Radoslav Zlatanov, the fastest Bulgarian[…]

Champions are Made in the Off-Season

Christina Wittmeier, a collegiate women’s lacrosse player at Stetson University, describes what it means to her to train in the off-season to improve her skill set to be the best possible lacrosse player.   About[…]

Muhammad Ali: The Olive Branch and the Dagger

A short film inspired by a Facebook post from my friend after the death of Muhammad Ali. Her words were so inspirational, the idea came naturally to me. I knew her words, and the story[…]

Expectations of Failure

If you are a student/athlete, athlete, student, entrepreneur, work professional, parent, any type of artist or entertainer this is for you. Please Watch!!!!!   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Robert Washington Robert Washington is a[…]

Define Greatness

How does one define greatness?  This film is a short intro into my life journey. I am husband and father of five boys, 10 year US Navy veteran, retired professional athlete, and a survivor of[…]

Kahana: Teaching Life

Born in 1929 on the island of Lanai, Hawaii, Kim Kahana Sr. overcame numerous adversities, including illiteracy, to become one of the top stuntmen in the film industry. Lanai was too small to contain Kahana,[…]

Balloon Fiesta: Sharing the Skies

I wanted to document the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The people who participate each year in this spectacle are very passionate about ballooning. The story of camaraderie and friendship that permeates through the entire event[…]

AMA VETMotorsports: A Place Where You Belong

More than 2.8 Million Americans have served since 9/11. Among them, 6,840 perished fighting the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. During that same time, 115,566 veterans gave up their lives to a different enemy…suicide.[…]