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Bittersweet is a short film about local surfer, Daniel Satchell surfing one of the UK’s most popular seaside tourist destinations – Brighton. Although Brighton is hardly the epicentre of UK surfing, it still surprisingly holds[…]

Quahogging on Narragansett Bay

Follow David Andrade, a quahogger (shell-fisherman) through his day, starting on his boat at sunrise on Narragansett Bay, then back on land with his daughter, Chelsea, as they run their fish store, Andrades’s Catch, in[…]

Misguided Fears: The Oahu Shark Diver

Sharks mysteriousness and reputation in the ocean as an apex predator have caused them to become one of the most misunderstood creatures in the animal kingdom. And naturally, as humans, we fear what we don’t[…]