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Double Digits: The Story of a Neighborhood Movie Star

This video is a trailer for the longer award winning inspiring documentary.  In the spirit of “American Movie” and “Be Kind Rewind,” DOUBLE DIGITS: THE STORY OF A NEIGHBORHOOD MOVIE STAR introduces us to 52-year-old[…]

Give Voice

My Name is Lee Chang, I’m a high school graduate. My Passion is filming, with my passion I hope to inspire lessons to people around me and give voice to those who may not have[…]

Behind a Success Story

However, how do you feel when everything goes wrong when you tried your best to do what you love and show it to people, one reason of that is maybe you are afraid of judging[…]


A documentary about the struggle and the joy of being an international actor in New York City.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Elena Grosso Elena was born and raised in Italy where she obtained[…]

Never Too Late to Dream

A young man drops out of college due to resources challenge.  After some months of depression and stress, he finds a new passion and a new dream and pursues it.   About the Filmmaker Submitted[…]

Spreading Afterglow Around the World

The south has been said to be “50 years behind the rest of the world.” In Grenada, Mississippi, sister team, Katrina (18) and Isabella (15) are working to prove that statement to be a myth.[…]

Robert’s Story Lived

My name is Robert Bender. This is a video to show the world that I have a dream, and I will work hard my entire life to achieve said dream. Filmmaking is what I do,[…]

Day by Day

Cancer sucks… But one has to learn to accept it or it will eat you alive. I found acceptance through film and making movies. It offered an escape from the dreaded world of having chemo/radiation[…]


Growing up in my small town in Andalucia I had a poster of New York on my bedroom wall. It was that cliched one of the guys sat in the sky, taking a break from[…]