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Cancer sucks… But one has to learn to accept it or it will eat you alive. I found acceptance through film and making movies. It offered an escape from the dreaded world of having chemo/radiation and content operations to my body. This is a short film on what I get up to do on a daily basis while battling cancer. I live and breathe for film and most importantly telling stories to help others find their strength in life.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Stefan Rust

Stefan Rust studied visual art for 2 and a half years but then fell ill with cancer and had to drop out. In 2014 he then went to a film school and completed his degree in 2015 as a writer/ director. He has a Youtube channel where he constantly posts his films and other short videos highlighting on aspects of his difficult fight with cancer.

Filmmaker’s YouTube:


  1. Yes it inspired me! He has a great outlook on life and he inspired me to look at each day as if my last, hence living it to the fullest!!!!

  2. With a positive mind and attitude Stef – everything and anything is possible. Well done for your positive attitude.

  3. It is an amazing story of hope and living each day to the fullest despite any odds you are faced with.
    I love this story and wish to see him healed and live to an old age!

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