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Growing up in my small town in Andalucia I had a poster of New York on my bedroom wall. It was that cliched one of the guys sat in the sky, taking a break from building the Empire State building. They mass produce that image for tourists, but I didn’t care. That picture was my inspiration. It sounds dramatic, but I always felt like I hadn’t ‘made it’ in life unless I got to see that city before I died.

I left my town in the middle of Spain’s financial crisis. I went to London and worked in a cafe whilst making short films for anyone who replied to my posts. I built experience, made friends and saved a bit of money.

Eventually enough money to pay for a road trip across America. From San Francisco all the way to the Empire State building in New York.

I called the film Boundless because that’s how I feel now. There’s no longer one specific place in the World I need to see. And without that focus, every experience becomes my inspiration.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted Javier Loaiza

I’m Javier, a filmmaker from a little town in the south of Spain.  Travelling has been always my dream, my goal.  Nothing feels as good as discover new cultures, food, languages, ways to live or definitions of happiness. And nothing is as good if I don’t film those memories for my future kids.

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