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Love Sweet Love **Finalist**

This is the story behind Kansas City’s iconic citizen, “Super Jesus” Michael Wheeler, who is spreading his message of peace and love to the people. The documentary helps shed light on the man behind the[…]

Double Digits: The Story of a Neighborhood Movie Star

This video is a trailer for the longer award winning inspiring documentary.  In the spirit of “American Movie” and “Be Kind Rewind,” DOUBLE DIGITS: THE STORY OF A NEIGHBORHOOD MOVIE STAR introduces us to 52-year-old[…]

Cooking with Kindness: Food as a Tool of Empowerment

In the documentary profile, C.O.O. of D.C. Central Kitchen, Andy Finke, highlights the non-profit organization and the inspiring role he has played in it. He describes how his passion for the foodservice industry developed into[…]

What’s Your Story: Josh Arbues

Everyone has a story. Your story matters and it has the power to impact lives. Josh Arbues has been through a lot of hardship in his life. Through it all God has been pursuing him,[…]

Limits Is A Myth

This is the story about Luis Ramos, a teenager that overcame the use of drugs as they had taken away all the things he loved the most.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Brayan Mejicanos I[…]

Ryan Siberry- Founder of 416 and Company

After a devastating house fire left Ryan out on the streets, he overcame drug addiction and homelessness by starting up his own company in Toronto Ontario called 416 and Company. His company now makes amazing[…]

One Magazine at a Time

Steven Riggs has always lived in poverty, and when he ended up in prison, he lost everything. Now Steven sells magazines for Streetwise, a nonprofit dedicated to helping impoverished people earn their own money.  […]

The Heidelberg Project: 30 Years of Creativity

My story started in Detroit, a city disregarded by many today. I was inspired to do a documentary on the project by Tyree Guyton because of his commitment to be part of the solution. To[…]

I Want to Boxeo

A man who grew up with a hard life finds something he loves to turn his life around.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Eric Brown Eric is a Boston based, self taught filmmaker who[…]

Acid Attack Survivors in India Find Strength and Peace

In this film A LIVE, filmmaker Harsh Vardhan Singh presents the stories of acid attack survivors in India, highlighting the crucial atrocities that women in the society undergo. The attackers are not just men with[…]