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The Final Farewell **Finalist**

We are all leading to death, but the funeral director makes death not such a horrible thing. They sooth the pain of lost with their warm hands.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by ZHOU Wanni[…]

Raising the Future **Past Mission Winner**

Who will ensure that all of our children, including the abandoned babies and AIDS orphans are cared for?  When Ruth Grobler grappled with that question, the answer became clear. This is a short documentary about[…]

The Beauty of the Yangtze River

With five years of painstaking work and traveling around mountains and rivers, the over-60-year-old man spared no effort to draw this 6.7-meter-long and 4.7-meter-high “Beauty of the Yangtze River”. The ink-wash painting presents the surging[…]

Pet Detective

It has been 22 days since the missing of pet dog Liuyi, and the pet detective Sun Jinrong has been searching for 18 days. Looking for the pet that is unable to speak is undoubtedly[…]

The Craftman of Beijing

When you are planning your first travel by yourself when you grow up, open a map and search for the destination, how many people will stop at the place of latitude 39, east longitude 115,[…]

Sound Magician

People who understand the mystery of voice are all the artists of life. The foley art pushes the drama forward without a trace and touches people’s heart deeply.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by ZHOU[…]

The Postman in the Mountains

He is a postman in mountains. Two decades of journey along hill roads, he always feels exhausted on this way but never gives up since those people in villages need him.   About the Filmmaker[…]

“Yishi” Band

Founded in 2010, “Yishi” Band (衣湿乐队) boasts a special kind of performance that features in Yibin dialect. The band takes folk music as the root and combines it with other music elements such as jazz,[…]

A Russian Girl Falling for A Chinese Poet

A Russian girl falls in love with a Chinese Poet, and she came to China, for him, as well as his land’s culture.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by ZHAO Wen She started filming and[…]

Leaping Over Barricades

Parkour, an extreme sport performed on an “urban obstacle course,” has popped up among youth in major cities like Beijing. Zhang Lei, a parkour runner has begun doing this sport since 2006. He can’t help[…]