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The Final Farewell **Finalist**

We are all leading to death, but the funeral director makes death not such a horrible thing. They sooth the pain of lost with their warm hands.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by ZHOU Wanni[…]

Love Sweet Love **Finalist**

This is the story behind Kansas City’s iconic citizen, “Super Jesus” Michael Wheeler, who is spreading his message of peace and love to the people. The documentary helps shed light on the man behind the[…]

Raising the Future **Past Mission Winner**

Who will ensure that all of our children, including the abandoned babies and AIDS orphans are cared for?  When Ruth Grobler grappled with that question, the answer became clear. This is a short documentary about[…]

The Colors Lady

Dana is a Polish-Swedish painter creating intuitive abstract art.  She tells her short story how the passion emerged in her and how does she feels while painting.  Beautiful, inspiring story for everyone who has an[…]

What Do You See?

Handwritten by a care home patient, a poem was found by nurses shortly after her passing. Articulating the realities of growing old, What Do You See? expresses how she perceived her surroundings an in turn[…]

50 Years of Marriage

This short is a present for my grandfather and grandmother’s 50th marriage anniversary. They are disabled. They’ve been loving each other and helping each other In the past half-century. Life is not fair at some[…]


A boy contemplates the difference between euthanizing his dying dog and euthanizing his dying grandmother. When Ioannes was told he needed to do a video project for school based on euthanasia, he decided to bring[…]

Life 180 Biorhythm Center: Bringing Generations Together

In the Hub City of Belen, New Mexico, Rose Gould is looking to revitalize the community through non-profit work, restoring main street buildings and utilizing them for multigenerational health and welfare centers. Life 180 Biorhythm[…]

Parkinson’s Self Healing: Together We Stand

This is my online support group “Parkinson’s Self Healing.”  A group of beautiful caring people who have been diagnosed with a devastating disease which slowly takes away your ability to move.  Our group is filled[…]