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50 Years of Marriage

This short is a present for my grandfather and grandmother’s 50th marriage anniversary. They are disabled. They’ve been loving each other and helping each other In the past half-century.

Life is not fair at some moments, but generally speaking, life is fair. Life closes a door, makes my grandmother unable to see and makes my grandfather unable to hear, but life opens the other door, it gives them and their children a harmonious family.

Life for them may not easy, fifty years’ marriage like this has experienced too much. They are using a simplest way to make their life and their marriage full of love. As their grandson, I am glad to witness all of that. I love them.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Hang Wei 

Hang Wei is and independent film maker also a digital artist. He loves to use his camera and phone to explore the big world (nature) and the small world (families). His works are real, natural and thought-provoking.

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