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Impact Life **Past Mission Runner-up**

Impact Life was originally created after people in my community began telling me that I should document my story of all the people I have managed to help during the last few years, but in a film. With that being said, I started gathering some of the members of my local area that I brought attention to, by raising money for them and began filming them. My goal was to have others that I’ve helped in life, tell my story, without myself having to say anything. I thought this would be a different and more inspiring way of telling a story for viewers to watch. Everyone in the film, was someone that touched my heart and deserved recognition and help. Since the film was created, I have continued raising money for others in my local community and have become part of a chain reaction. Impact Life simply tells the story of the people that I have helped and raised money for, over the last few years. Each person featured in the film has their own special story and ability to make anyone smile.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Jimmy Ward

Jimmy Ward, who is currently attending San Francisco State University, for Cinema, has always been a big part of his community back home in New Jersey. Starting at a young age, Jimmy was always brainstorming ways to help others and be a voice for the voiceless around him. It grew with him as he began to get older and start high school at Southern Regional in Manahawkin, NJ. After living through Hurricane Sandy, which devastated his local area, Jimmy’s creativity and ability to help others quickly sparked and hasn’t stopped since. Short videos were created by Jimmy and posted online for others to watch in hopes of bring positivity back to his neighborhood, which it sure did. Ward’s first video after Hurricane Sandy, has been watched nearly 40,000 times online. Since then, Jimmy continued to be there for others, whether it was his Haunted House during Halloween, which raised money for local families in need, or awarding students at his high school with checks for being nice to others. Jimmy, age 19, has raised over $15,000 for others in his local area, while also being busy with his personal and school life.

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