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September – Month of the Phoenix **Past Peer Winner**

Coming out of my chemo treatment into a new world, I did not know where my life was heading, and I spent this month searching inside and outside to where my path would take my new body. September was a hard month as I felt truly lost… but my filming brought me to the light and helped me to keep moving forward with my life. Film for me is not just a way to capture the world, but it is my life it is everything that is me. I film to tell my story and to inspire others to motivate them to go out and find their beautiful purpose as we all have a great story to share.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Stefan Rust

Stefan Rust studied visual art for 2 and a half years but then fell ill with cancer and had to drop out. In 2014 he then went to a film school and completed his degree in 2015 as a writer/ director. He has a Youtube channel where he constantly posts his films and other short videos highlighting on aspects of his difficult fight with cancer.

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