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The Fog Runner

What is it like to run a race without seeing the finish, much like in a fog?  A fog that you can’t escape, a fog with which you were born.  Radoslav Zlatanov, the fastest Bulgarian Paralympic athlete and one of the fastest runners in the world, shares his life story about growing up from a baby who could neither see or walk, to a multiple medalist.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Chris Zahariev 

Chris Zahariev is 18 years old filmmaker, who is passionate about God, Art and Changing the World!  He has just finished high school and is already accepted at the National Academy of Arts and the National Academy of Theatre and Film in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Despite his young age, Chris has directed many short documentaries including “The Fog Runner.”  He is also the screenwriter, the cinematographer and the editor of the film.  The film itself was nominated for the category of “Best Short Documentary” at the Youth Film Festival in Sarajevo, 2016 – one of the biggest Film Festivals in Europe!

Chris has always been passionate about the people. About their lives.  He truly believes that everyone of us has a different story to share and everyone of us IS a different story to be shared!

You can watch more of his films on his YouTube channel: