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Norfolk Accident Rescue Service: Samantha’s Story

This is the incredible true story of a woman called Samantha and how a simple journey home turned her life upside down… and how a small charity called Norfolk Accident Rescue Service and a man called Barry Hart saved her life.

We explore who NARS are, and how their amazing volunteers clock off from their day jobs as critical care paramedics, and then clock on to be voluntary responders for NARS. These are highly trained paramedics who go above and beyond to ensure they do everything they can to save someone… in their free time. Their dedication, quick thinking and specialist training means they really are modern day superheros.

Here’s just one glimpse into what they do on a daily basis.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Hollie Harrington

Hollie Harrington is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked in this industry for several years, all across the globe. From documentaries to music videos and promotional films to shorts, Hollie has worked on a wide variety of projects but her passion and specialty lies in telling the stories of amazing non-profits, NGOs and charities doing incredible work to change the world for the better.

Hollie has seen her films shown in a variety of film festivals, and her recent documentary about Armenian history, ‘Daylight After a Century,’ won a Best Short Film award at the Pomegranate International Film festival in Toronto and was nominated for Best Documentary at the ARPA International Film Festival in Hollywood. Her film “WISER: Empowering Girls” was used as the organization’s main fundraising tool and helped raise over $180,000 in just a few months.

From working in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro with cooperatives aiming to empower local women, to focusing on micro-entrepreneurs in Madagascar and from films about farmers in Benin to documentaries covering aid in tsunami devastated Japan, Hollie has been commissioned to make her films all over the world and is dedicated to spreading the word about inspiring organizations, enabling them to increase their efforts through the powerful tool of film.

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