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Kaleb’s Journey

Susan and Nicole were cousins.  They were very close…As they grew older they somewhat drifted apart….Susan got married and had a baby.  His name was Kaleb.  Little did I know how this little boy would touch my life.  Susan unexpectedly lost her life, leaving Kaleb, 11 months old, behind.  Nicole was heartbroken and decided to adopt Kaleb who had, prior to Susan’s death been placed in foster care.  Nicole started the adoption process which took a year while Kaleb remained in foster care.  Today Kaleb is six years old…smart.. beautiful… a loving soul…His unique spirit touches all he comes in contact with. He knows of Susan and we all share our beautiful memories with him….He is truly a gift from above and has a special angel watching over him.  Her name is Susan.

About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Theresa Bean

Theresa loves doing videos to get her message across to people that life is what you make it, and that with God all things are possible…No matter what you are going through never lose your faith …God know what you need…Just trust him.


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