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Many years ago my father told me this very inspiring story about my parents relationship when they were teenagers in high school. It all took place when my mother was graduating high school. My dad was a year younger so my mom thought they should go their separate ways. Months after their break up my mom got a call from my dad’s sister saying she was worried about my dad because their dad had just passed away and he wasn’t taking it very well. My mom dropped everything and took a 6 hour train ride, in a snow storm, back to Boston to help my dad while he was grieving. My mom attended the wake and the funeral all for my dad despite their current status. My dad told me if it weren’t for his dad passing away then my 2 older brother and I wouldn’t have been born because my parents wouldn’t have gotten back together. This story shows that fate can bring people together and everything happens for a reason. Also that in rough times in your life, something good will always come out of it.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Lauryn Alexander

My name is Lauryn Alexander, I’m a junior at Mililani High School, and I have been into film and photography since I was about 10. When my dad told me this story, I was automatically inspired by the message. I told my parents one day I would make a movie about it, so hopefully a short film will do. While making this short film, my dad’s mother had unfortunately passed. I feel like this news might have brought back memories from when his dad had passed so I hope that when he sees this film, it will help him realize that life will get better. I’ve always wanted to do something big to inspire others and I realized I could do that with film. After this experience with creating my very first inspiring short film, I hope to seek new inspiring stories so I can recreate them onto the screen. One day I hope to graduate from UCLA with a degree in film, and later on become a movie director, or just work in movies or the film industry.