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After the death of my father, my life was completely empty. I was no longer a child.

As soon as I learned that my wife was pregnant, the son of feeling, became a father’s love. I could then understand how this feeling.

Babbo is the real feeling that transmits everything felt before.  Many elements have been used in the film. The sound of falling rain. A Christian hymn and many tears. Soon after it is replaced by the sound of birds, bicycles and children played outside.  The nostalgia is, but the memories are forever in memory of Cicero Gomes.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Adriano Gomez

Adriano Gomez has always been passionate about music and cinema. When youngest had the pleasure to learn several musical instruments.  But it was still not enough. He began producing music videos for local bands in Brazil in 2012 and in the same year, he recorded his first short film.  He has traveled to various places documentáriose recording movies. Today cinema has become one of his greatest passions.

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