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The Suggestion

The story is about a boy named David in the 8th grade. His best friend Sarah has her whole life already planned out but he doesn’t. Because he feels sorry for himself, Sarah suggests that he do tennis as a sport for high school. David agrees having nothing else to do and he trusts Sarah’s intuition. He talks with the coach over a phone call. They talk about tennis and David gets information about a summer class. David decides to take this class during the summer. He meets a future longtime friend named Hunter. David ends up falling in love with the sport and would consider playing tennis as a lifetime decision. This was all thanks to Sarah’s suggestion. One simple thing can be life changing for another person.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Daniel Cho

Daniel is a sophomore in high school. He’s in advanced digital media class with Mr. Lightfoot. As an assignment, he is required to participate in a film contest. Daniel found a contest he feels he’ll be able to fit a video in. This was the first time he has tried this kind of film but he feels he has done a decent job for a first timer. He hopes that everyone else would enjoy and learn from the film.