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The Midlife Mountaineer

The Midlife Mountaineer is the story of Paul. At 46, he was a new comer to climbing and was guided by his friend to tackle the famous Mont Blanc in 2012, after only 6 months of training and preparation.

Whilst attempting the climb they were faced by extreme weather, exhaustion, and the threat of avalanches. Paul wanted to continue on until they reached their goal without considering the consequences, but learned a valuable lesson from his friend along the way.

The film tells the story of the ordeal that followed and the obstacles they had to over come to achieve their goal of reaching the summit.

Filmed where they trained, at Kinder Scout in the Peak District, Derbyshire, UK.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Jordan Carroll

Jordan Carroll is a freelance filmmaker based in Sheffield, UK.  He works and films an array of projects from corporate promos to live music sessions, as well as making documentaries in his spare time. During film school he made several award winning short fiction films and gained good experience telling stories.

When he graduated he soon discovered his love for the outdoors and travel. He likes adventure sports and traveling to challenging countries. So he decided to make his films and videos work alongside his passions and hobbies. In recent years he has committed his spare time to making travel films and short documentaries about the things he loves and the issues he wants to highlight.

This film about his father is a perfect example of that and came about because he is a true inspiration for getting outdoors and learning a new skill. Even if your life is on the line. For that he is a better man, and Jordan hopes he can follow suit.

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