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The Final Farewell **Finalist**

We are all leading to death, but the funeral director makes death not such a horrible thing. They sooth the pain of lost with their warm hands.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by ZHOU Wanni

In 2010, she worked in Hunan Satellite TV Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Yunnan Branch (Principal of Performance Management and Brand Planning Department). She threw herself into the micro-film career in 2014. One year later, officially cooperating with the vice president of China Micro Motion Picture Association and the leading pioneer of Chinese micro films, Mr. Zheng Yun, she established the Kunming branch of Beijing Zheng Yun Culture Media Studio and served as the director. Also in 2015, she collaborated with Yunnan Province Communist Youth League, Yunnan National Cultural Exchange Center, and the headquarter of Zheng Yun Studio, producing the micro film called Evil-minded Tour Guide and Ashima in the theme of Yunnan nationality. It had over 17 million times’ hits on that very day when it was put online. Later, she shot a series of positive micro films which were well-received, such as Grandmother’s Friends’ Circle (Moments), Island Warrior and so on. At the end of 2015, she made joint efforts with Ergeng TV and produced Innocent Life, Rain Forest Elves, The Tiger’s love, Loud Drums, Space of Mind, Star Tracer, Achieve Dreams in Flowers, The Beekeeper, and Vanguards’ Glory. All these micro films stirred strong reactions on major video-media platforms. In June, 2016, cooperated with the Ministry of Public Security’s network platform, the Police Micro-Film Alliance, the Chinese Police Network Television, and Ergeng TV, she shot the anti-drug theme micro film–Anti-Drug Vanguards–which was broadcasted on major video platforms and public security system’s media platforms across the country. It was widely acclaimed by audience and domestic medias. During her course of career, Zhou Wanni has always insisted her philosophy of “make films with one’s heart and film works with love”, committed to spread the positive energy to every one’s heart, and contributed to China’s film industry.

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