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The Blind Side

A man who spent his life amongst most heroes of this industry.  Who slept in and out of the glamorous film world.  The crowd recognizes him but barely acknowledges.  He waits for the grass to become greener on the blind side.

A priest, a co-passenger, a beggar…
or wait! is he an actor?

Was he the hero of his life, or remained an actor?

After 200 odd films, passion slowly becomes the only way for survival.

Watch Pranaya Murthy introduce himself in this show reel documentary.

The Blind Side – A documentary dedicated to the artists stuck on the blind side.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Karan Ananth

Karan Ananth is an independent filmmaker based in Bangalore India. After completing his Masters in Documentary film making and Film Studies. He along with his few other friends started a production house — Vivid Films India. Since 2012, this production house has been churning out ad films, documentaries, feature films etc.

Karan is now presently working on his next feature length film. He hopes to make intricate character centric films.

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