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Spreading Afterglow Around the World

The south has been said to be “50 years behind the rest of the world.” In Grenada, Mississippi, sister team, Katrina (18) and Isabella (15) are working to prove that statement to be a myth. Founders of the Grenada Afterglow Film Festival, the only arts/culture festival in town, the sisters have a true passion and dedication for bringing new experiences and ideas to the people who live in Grenada and surrounding areas. This video looks at year 2 of the film festival, and shows the potential for growth of the festival. Watch as younger sister Isabella shows you around the festival and introduces you to all it has to offer. Learn more about the Grenada Afterglow Film Festival at


About the Filmmakers
Submitted by Katrina and Isabella Kinder

Katrina Kinder and Isabella Kinder are sisters from Grenada, Mississippi. Having been raised by their mother who had a strong interest in filmmaking, its no wonder that they have become filmmakers themselves. Katrina and Isabella now own and operate their production company, Diamondback Productions LLC. Their films have played at numerous festivals and have won many awards around the world. Most recently, the sisters have been involved with projection mapping shows that have been on display for the entire city.

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