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Sandy Elliott – High School Choir Director

Sandy Elliott is known by many as a high school teacher.  However, many of her students know her as much more. Some call her Ms. Elliott; some call her mom. No, she is not literally their mother, but they feel such a strong connection to this teacher/woman and feel so trusting of her that they can call her mother.  Sandy’s students express a great deal of respect and love for Ms. Elliott. Her compassion for these students (her kids) is so great that it goes far far beyond the class room. From life lessons to giving purpose to life, Sandy Elliott has shaped many minds over her years of teaching.  This is why Sandy was chosen for this particular story.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Kyle Elliot

Kyle Elliott is a full time support representative for a new age tech company. However, on the side he likes to capture and tell stories.  He received his degree in video production as film has always been a passion of his.