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Rockford: Zombies Can Save This Town

Most people have given up on Rockford, Illinois: “Rockford is miserable: Its neighborhoods are dangerous, its residents are obese and dissatisfied, taxes are high and business is still in the doldrums.” – Forbes’ America’s Most Miserable Cities 2013

All the negativity, hasn’t stopped a local group from recruiting average folk to star in their zombie sitcom. Although some residents frown at the wacky mayhem created by the crew, others cheer for the local underdogs and help them to realize their dreams.

An ambitious group of amateurs want to make their struggling hometown famous — in an offbeat, goofy, cult-classic, zombie infested sort of way.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Nathan Stein

Video editing is my main cup of tea (though I could substitute coffee for tea or vise versa on an given day), but I also frequently operate in the capacity of a camera operator, which is fun in it’s own way and allows for a unique kind of creativity. I’m also a boom operator, writer and more, and even occasionally a director. It’s all pretty fun. I relish any chance to get innovative in an artistic way. I got my start way back when in public access television and spent several years documenting a group at Fermilab working on a feature length Star Wars fan film… flaven.