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Portrait of a Ballet Dancer

Portrait of a ballet dancer is a short story about Miriam Kacerova, who is a first soloist. Small insight of her thoughts and feelings about her live as a ballet dancer. Ballet is not just a job, it´s a lifestyle. It doesn´t only affect her professional life but her personal life as well. Her passion for ballet keeps her going forward every day, helps her get through any barriers or pain. Unfortunately, career of a ballet dancer is very short and over before one realizes and it is very important to seek and enjoy every little moment of it.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Marek Kacer

Marek Kacer is a young filmmaker from Slovakia. Absolvent of cinematograhpy at Commercial Film school in Zlín (Czech republic 2007 – 2009 ) and Academy of Performing Arts and Music – Film and Television faculty in Bratislava (Slovak republic 2011 -2016 ). He also studied cinematography at FAMU (Film Academy in Prague) for one semester as erasmus student (2013) . Since 2014 he started to also directing his short movies. Since 2016 he directed 7 short projects. Works as a cammera operator on TV shows in Slovak commercial television TV JOJ, and as a Director of photography in PrimeTime Production – film and television production company.

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