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My Name is Lee Chang, I’m a high school graduate. My Passion is filming, with my passion I hope to inspire lessons to people around me and give voice to those who may not have one. I am hopeful that What I’m doing today will tell a story to people my age, to people who may have a shared experience, or others who never knew or understood certain perspectives. (opening their minds to understand, or inspire them to not feel alone. I plan to work hard and save in order to travel (to the place of my heritage), to small villages in Thailand, to film the story of my life, to provide others perspective of my culture, and to share stories. I plan to continue studying, hopeful at my dream college, weaving what I learn with my my passions, developing projects that will make a difference, maybe to one, hopefully to many, and meeting others along the way who may want to join my cause, or who will inspire me to continue my journey. )


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Submitted by Lee Chang

Lee Chang, have hope that he will open new possibility to this new generation. He hopes to travel around the world and film a documentary in Thailand where his heritage is. Going to Thailand he hopes to help children who has a lack of help and help bring back story to share with the world that people know really little about.

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