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Culture Shot: United by Music in Malaysia

Culture Shot is a short documentary featuring a Malaysian music band that consists of members from different ethnic groups in Malaysia who are united by the power of music. The band plays a broad repertoire but mainly Malaysian traditional folk music.  With a combination of several traditional musical instruments such as Lang Ting Tang, Gendang, Erhu, Rebana etc., the band is a perfect testimonial of social cohesion in Malaysia’s society.

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About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Khor Zhen Yee@ Justice

Khor Zhen Yee@ Justice is in his final year as a Film and Broadcasting student at the School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Inspired by the works of contemporary film director, Christopher Nolan, Zhen Yee@ Justice decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Communications despite studying science for the past five years prior to his university study. Supported by his family, friends and lecturers, Justice has been actively involved in the creative productions for competitions, documentaries and commercial works as a director, script writer and editor and he had won the Videography Category award in the Vision Petron Nasional Student Art Competition 2015.

Justice is an aspiring artist who has deep affection towards the art of visual storytelling and cinema, his works are visually distinctive and usually non-linear in narrative structure and post- editing. Justice also actively involved in documentary making, community services. With his knack for filmmaking, he is currently conducting a research on Malaysia’s inter-ethnic relations for his dissertation. In March 2016, he had been awarded a full scholarship by Malaysian and American Commission of Educational Exchange (MACEE) to participate in Global Undergraduate Exchange Program 2016 (UGRAD), funded by Department of State, United States of America. Under this program, he will be majoring in cinematic arts and technology in California State University Monterey Bay as an exchange student for one semester.

As an aspiring script writer, editor and director, Justice constantly push himself and his team, to hopefully become the seed of change in Malaysian film. He is especially passionate in drama, psychological triller, science fiction and some other mind bending film genre. He believes film is a powerful form of media thus making his audience to think and participate actively in his narrative is his biggest goal.

In his free time, he is a multi-instrument musician who plays mainly pop and jazz music. He was the former vice president, main vocalist and percussionist leader of the USM Jazz Band, he is also the former president of SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth Chinese Orchestra. Besides film and music, he is also a passionate baker who bakes a sort of ugly but delicious pastries. One of his biggest dream in life is to serve Christopher Nolan his “ugly” baked goods at his movie premiere. Any line from Inception and The Dark Knight would be a perfect pickup line if you want to start a conversation with him.