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And There Was Light

The people who install and repair high-voltage power lines have one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Yet some people in this profession find passion in risking their lives to get the lights back on. This short documentary is a feature profile of Kevin Thornton, an electrician in mid-Missouri who has worked on high-voltage lines for 30 years. He finds joy in fixing power lines, mentoring his team members and helping his community members receive the electricity they need. Kevin currently works for Columbia Water and Light in the city of Columbia, Missouri.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Lea Konczal

Lea Konczal is a journalist, writer, photographer and filmmaker from Texas. When she is not writing or making short films, she likes oil painting, hiking and cooking stir-fried cabbage.

Zhongbo Wen received her undergraduate in sociology in China. She and Lea Konczal are in the documentary filmmaking master’s program at the University of Missouri. Zhongbo is currently working on a short documentary on the commercialization issues of Xidi, an ancient village in China.

Clara Wright is a French journalist and graduate student who has worked in Paris, Cuba, Uganda and now mid-Missouri.

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