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Trident Club Mostaganem Association: Artificial Reef Creation in Mostaganem (Algeria)

In a coast Mediterranean city called Mostaganem ( Algeria) , a group of young sea lovers. decided to create an artificial reef and submerge it in the sea in a sandy bottom. The experience is successful and it has inspired many other young across the coast to submerge other artificial reefs.

Trident Club Mostaganem is an association created in 2012 by a group of young academics who share the same passion for the sea. In order to promote underwater activities and preserve the marine environment.

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About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Mustapha Benghernaout

Mustapha is a self-taught video maker, born in Mostaganem, Algeria. In 2015 he made his first short film “Why?” which won Africa inspired in 5 at the Global compost film contest 2015, after, Mustapha directed his second short film “Unsafe Water” (Eau Insalubre) about the happenings in “In Salah”, Algeria, where inhabitants fight against fracking. This last one participated in many Fetsivals around the world and won impressives awards.
Awards :
–Africa inspired in 5 award – at Global compost film contest (Usa)2015 .
-Audience choice award at 4th Annnual Water: Take 1 Online Short Film Contest (USA) 2016
-Audience choice award 4th International Contest “Stop censorship! Citizens for free countries” ( Ukrania)
-Second prize « Just a minute festival » (USA) 2016
-Audience award « Green-Go International Short Film Contest » 2016 (Hungary)

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