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Sa Famille **Past Mission Runner-up**

Sa Famille is a documentary film that was made in October 2015. The whole recording process took place in district 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Sa Famille is a story about Mr. Vincent Leopold Marcel Pascal, an old French man who has stayed in Vietnam for 11 years to gather and care for abandoned animals.  So far he has helped more than 200 cats and 50 dogs, founded an association called Vietnam animals cruelty and joined hands to discourage the culture in Vietnam of eating of dog and cat meat. This film shows the daily routine of Leo and his little friends….the way he feeds them, plays with them, and cares for them.  It also portrays the problems Leo faces everyday regarding finances and shelter.  At the end of the film, there is an emotional sharing moment of this great man.

Mr. Pascal’s Website:


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Tram Dinh

Tram Dinh is a Vietnamese student who went to Singapore to study and to follow her dream of becoming a filmmaker. Passionate people with special life stories are always her greatest inspirations in making films. She seeks to become a precise story teller through the moving images and by revealing the souls inside her subjects.  Sa Famille is Tram’s first film.

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