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The Handmade Stylist **Finalist**

A short documentary about Anna Maria Reviglio, a creative stylist with a delightful taste for vintage, who creates her dresses by herself through the project Les Poisson a Pois. In this mini doc she describes[…]

One Day With a Tattoo Artist **Past Passion Runner-up**

This is a short documentary about the Italian tattoo artist Simona Ercole, a dedicated and creative person who really loves what she does.  This is a personal project which gave me the chance to measure[…]

The Shop-Window Artist **Past Passion Runner-up**

The shop-window artist portrays Martin, an art historian who owns an antiques shop. The film is about a lifetime dream that lived differently than thought. Actually, Martin wanted to study art but he was always[…]

Three Dreams **Past Triumph Runner-up**

Can we still achieve our dreams despite unexpected obstacles? Mickey aspired to be a hang gliding pilot, Chad was enthralled by magic and Tommy longed to be a painter but life doesn’t always go as[…]

Double Digits: The Story of a Neighborhood Movie Star

This video is a trailer for the longer award winning inspiring documentary.  In the spirit of “American Movie” and “Be Kind Rewind,” DOUBLE DIGITS: THE STORY OF A NEIGHBORHOOD MOVIE STAR introduces us to 52-year-old[…]

Alfredo Arreguin

A prominent Latino painters in the Pacific Northwest, Alfredo Arreguin, talks about how he ties his heritage in his artwork and the importance of altruism. Ever since he has established himself as an artist he[…]

The Gunpla Builder

This is the story of a man whose hobby is building Gundam models. Started getting interested in model building at a young age, he never stops exploring the field despite having to face various kinds[…]

Concussion Unlocks Woman’s Hidden Talent

I am a camera assistant in the Toronto Film industry and four years ago in 2014, I had my first concussion on set. As a result of my injury I discovered my inner artist and[…]