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Alfredo Arreguin

A prominent Latino painters in the Pacific Northwest, Alfredo Arreguin, talks about how he ties his heritage in his artwork and the importance of altruism. Ever since he has established himself as an artist he has always been finding ways to give back to his community. He believes this to be a strong attribution to a successful career.

In 1995, Arreguin received an OHTLI Award, the highest recognition given by the Mexican government to the commitment of distinguished individuals who perform activities that contribute to promote Mexican culture abroad.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson was born and raised in Kent, WA, and has always been interested in video shooting and editing. When his only resources was an iPhone camera and willing friends he would practice his craft.

He found his other passion as an intern at his local PBS station, which was telling true visual stories as a multi-platform journalist. Being thrown into different cultures and meeting diverse characters drew him into the field. He enjoys this career path because he is always challenged and learns something new every day.

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