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Tires in Cucuge : Justice for its Residents

In December 2012 representatives of the Municipality of Ub found buyer for building in quarry which was in bankruptcy. The building was bought by the company “Tia Trade Eco” for processing of used tires by the pyrolysis method. We are on the site called Ilića brdo in Čučuge. On my right side is clean water spring and on my left is the factory which is under construction, against the will of local residents of this small village. Cucuge are small, but until now still not polluted.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Helać Ruža

Helać Ruža, born on 01.10.1958. in Novi Sad, Serbia.

– Author and Editor of the documentary TV series “Green Patrol
in action.”
So far recorded 70 half-hour shows, which are broadcast since
2010. on the B92 Info, TV Vojvodina and 80 foreign, local and regional TV

– Author and Editor of the documentary film “I have a dream –
one day with Etel Merk”, 2012.

– Author and Editor of the documentary film “Through the black
and white world of green Fruska Gora”, 2011.

Filmmaker’s Website:


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