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Tacos al Pastor: Raul Morales and the American Dream

Dreams Come True is a short documentary film about Raul Morales, an immigrant from Michoacan, Mexico, who as a child always had dreams and came to the United States to realize those dreams. With many difficulties and barriers, such as the language, he had to work hard. In his past Raul washed cars, did cleaning jobs, was a butcher, and kitchen helper.  Now, Raul is a successful business man, husband, the father of two graduated daughters, and the owner of Taqueria Vista Hermosa in Los Angeles.  He has become know for his specialty, “tacos al pastor.”  Raul is the true incarnation of the American dream, arriving in the United States as an immigrant with a will to work and dreaming big.

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor (literally “shepherd style”) is a type of taco dish from Central Mexico.  It originates with Middle Eastern gyro type meat cooked and marinated slowly on a spit, but in this case, it is pork.  Raul has brought this specialty to his restaurant from his uncle’s food truck in Mexico and has become known in Los Angeles as “Chef al’Pastor.”

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About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Miguel Angel Lopez Rojas

Aspiring filmmaker Miguel Angel Lopez Rojas is best known for his short travel videos and short documentary, Dreams Come True (2016).

Miguel Angel Lopez Rojas was born in Palm Beach, Florida, to Monica and Miguel, who are both from Mexico. He also has a younger brother, Juan Pablo. He has had the opportunity to live in six countries (USA, Mexico, Portugal, France, Brazil & Switzerland) and fluently speak four languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese & French). Most recently, Miguel has done work for Adidas and Herschel Supply Co.

At last, Miguel plays football (soccer) and has a strong passion for Photography and Pop art.